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Shoreline Cleanup: Spring Into Action

Since 1994, volunteers from across Canada have been cleaning up their shorelines. The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, which started with a small team of Vancouver Aquarium employees, has grown to be one of the largest direct action conservation programs.

Help to maintain the homes of animals in your area by joining a cleanup near you. Or choose a date and location, rally a team, and lead your own cleanup event. If you know someone in a different region who also wants to take action, why not challenge them to organize or join a cleanup and see which group collects the most garbage from their shoreline?

Why should we bother?
* Litter is a problem created by humans and wildlife are paying the price.
* Animals mistake litter for food or become entangled in rope, string and nets.
* Litter can transport invasive species or introduce dangerous toxins into an ecosystem.
* Plastic litter can degrade into tiny invisible pieces called microplastics that are impossible to pick up and have dramatic impacts on wildlife.

To organize or join a clean up, click here

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