What We Do

Lake Monitoring and Training of Lake Groups

The BCLSS is assisting its member lake groups to conduct scientific water quality monitoring of the lakes they represent. This is a great concept as it enables volunteers to gather scientifically significant data, contributing to the data pool that helps develop policy, protecting our waters in BC.

The enthusiasm for this project is catching around the province. The more data the better! Get involved by contacting us at: 1-877-BCLAKES.

Click here for more information on this program.

The BCLSS is also collecting Ice On and Ice Off Data. If you would like to observe your lake for signs of freeze and thaw, click here for a data collection sheet.

Community Education

Educating the community about lake issues is an important objective at the BCLSS. Participation in community events, attending school events, giving presentations and hosting conferences are just some of the ways that the BCLSS promotes lake stewardship in BC. If you would like the BCLSS to give an educational talk or presentation in your area give us a call at: 1-877-BCLAKES.


Looking to restore your shoreline? The BCLSS is a valuable resource to landowners who want to make their property ecologically sustainable.

Take a look at some of the PROJECTS the BCLSS is currently implementing or has completed in the past.

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