Secchi Dip-In

Time to get your discs ready for the 2017 Dip-In.
Secchi water testing

Time to Get Your Discs Ready for the Secchi Dip-In 2017! 

The Dip-In, which will run from July 1st  to July 31st  this year, is an international event in which volunteers collect a “snapshot” of the water quality in their area. Volunteers from across North America have participated in this event for over ten years and it is estimated that over 2500 volunteers will participate this year!

The Secchi Dip-In is an annual event that brings out volunteers throughout North America to gather important environmental information about their lakes.  The Secchi disc is one of the most basic tools for evaluating water quality of lakes.  It measures water transparency (clarity) which is a good indicator of the impacts from human activity on the land surrounding a water body.  If transparency is measured through the season and from year to year, trends in transparency can be observed.  It can serve as an early warning that activities on the land are affecting water quality.

Participate in the Secchi Dip-In and put YOUR lake on the map.

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