2022 Monitoring Season in Review

2022 Monitoring Season in Review

In 2022, the BC Lake Stewardship Society (BCLSS) supported 32 Level 1 lakes with data received from 27 of 32 lakes. The BCLSS currently manages all Level 1 programs, while the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (ENV) manages the higher level programs, with support from BCLSS. Learn more about the different monitoring levels on the BCLSS website. You can also find a map of all the lakes that are currently being monitored through the BC Lake Stewardship and Monitoring Program (BCLSMP) by visiting this link and navigating to the “B.C. Lake Stewardship and Monitoring” tab.

To ensure high quality data is being collected by volunteer monitors, the BCLSS performs audits to assess monitoring techniques and answer volunteer questions. We completed 11 in person and 4 virtual Level 1 audits in 2022. Our goal is to continue to expand our audit and training program so that we can visit more volunteers in person. This will help us to establish stronger connections with the stewardship community and provide better assessments of monitoring techniques, allowing us to verify that high quality data is being collected.

Three lake reports were completed in 2021/22 and will be posted in our online library soon. Two lake reports are in progress and will be published after peer review. Lake reports are written after a minimum of 3 years of data collection.

The BCLSMP is a partnership with ENV, the BCLSS, and volunteers that was launched in 2003. This program recognizes the value and importance of volunteer-collected data which provides valuable baseline and background information, that helps us examine and understand what is happening in aquatic environments and observe long term trends. BCLSS and ENV are now able to compare current lake water quality to historical or baseline data for a number of lakes in BC.

The BCLSS and ENV recognize the importance of citizen science and assist individuals and local groups with taking on a greater role in caring for lakes through the BCLSMP. Visit the new BCLSMP website. Under the BCLSMP, volunteers are provided with training, equipment, and support to facilitate the collection of water quality data and observations from lakes in BC. The program is unique in that it gives dedicated volunteers the knowledge and tools to become stewards of their favourite lake. It also promotes community-based involvement and extensive collaboration efforts.

Donate to the BCLSS to help us expand the BCLSMP and reach more lakes in BC!

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