Outstanding Volunteer Awards

BCLSS Outstanding Volunteer Awards

The BCLSS Volunteer Award elevates the awareness and importance of how education, monitoring programs, restoration projects, and environmentally friendly living contribute to the health of BC lakes. Individuals and/or groups are recognized for their outstanding volunteer efforts that demonstrate our fundamental values – preservation, protection and restoration of lakes throughout British Columbia.

The recipients of the award this year are Rob Hare and Stuart & Linda Garland.

Rob Hare
Rob is a dedicated volunteer at Langford Lake in Victoria. He has been collecting weekly Secchi and temperature readings since 2008! In addition to this impressive dedication to monitoring the lake, he takes part in other lake stewardship activities such as operating the harvester.

Stuart and Linda Garland
Stu and Linda have been a part of the Moberly Lake Community Association for 11 years and have supported the association through a number of board and committee projects and positions. Stu has instigated a number of educational and scientific projects for lake health including putting up signage, monitoring lake water quality, and coordinating a shoreline riparian survey. Stuart and Linda are advocates for the lake and their time and efforts have benefitted the lake and community.

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