Dr. Rick Nordin Receives Saanich Environmental Award

Dr. Rick Nordin Receives Saanich Environmental Award

The BC Lake Stewardship Society is pleased to announce that Dr. Rick Nordin, BCLSS Vice-President, was selected to receive the 2021 Saanich Environmental Award in the Long Term Environmental Achievement category.

Rick is a limnologist, a scientist who studies freshwater, and was the provincial limnologist with the Ministry of Environment from 1974-2002. He was involved in major projects throughout BC that included leading research on lake eutrophication and drinking water issues. From 1994-2021, Rick held an Adjunct Professor position at the University of Victoria in the Department of Biology. His teaching skills left a lasting impression on his students regarding the importance of aquatic science in the protection of water bodies throughout the province. Climate change, biodiversity, and water security, including the impacts of land management and tourism was the focus of his research, identifying both the ecological and economic factors related to water protection.

Rick co-founded the BCLSS in 1997 due to increasing concerns for the health of BC lakes. The society culminated from his vision of sustaining the health of BC lakes and the need to empower volunteers with the information, resources, and support to collect valuable data needed for long-term lake management and protection.

Rick continues to be a prominent leader within the BCLSS, supporting lake stewardship groups throughout the province, providing technical advice, LakeKeepers workshops, water quality monitoring support, and aquatic plant identification and mapping. He is a leading example of how to make a difference by effectively raising awareness on the importance of water quality and water security issues as they impact every aspect of life in British Columbia.

Congratulations to Rick on this award for his outstanding contribution to freshwater lake protection in BC!


Nomination letter excerpts contributed by Eric Bonham.

Image by Alain Audet from Pixabay

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