Secchi Dip-In 2019

Secchi Dip-In 2019

It’s almost Lakes Appreciation Month – get your Secchi discs ready!

Collecting water transparency measurements is an invaluable part of the effort to monitor lakes around the world. This year marks the 26th anniversary of the Dip-In and the 154th anniversary of the first use of the Secchi disk by Father Pietro Angelo Secchi.

Since 2002, the BC Lake Stewardship Society has coordinated BC’s participation in the North America-wide annual Secchi Dip-In. To become a dipper for the 2019 Dip-In, please contact us. Instructions, data sheets, and Secchi discs are available now.

Please help put your lake on the map – participate in the 2019 Secchi Dip-In!

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