Cariboo Lake Stewardship Groups

Bouchie Lake Watershed Stewardship Society

Mission: Bouchie Lake Watershed Stewardship Society is committed to enhance and maintain the health of the waters of Bouchie Lake, Milburn Lake and their watershed area to the benefit of all lake shore residents and all lake users.


  • Eradication of Flowering Rush on Bouchie Lake
  • Acquisition of a weed harvester to combat invasive weed growth in the lake
  • Ongoing maintenance of the public access areas at both Bouchie and Milburn Lake
  • Implementation of the Milburn Lake Access Improvement Plan

Charlotte Lake Lease/landholders Association

Mandate: To ensure excellent water quality in Charlotte Lake and a wilderness visual ambience.

Projects: Water quality; Maintain riparian areas as natural buffers on the creeks and lakeshore. Habitat concerns: learn about issues from MoE, DFO, Forestry and local landowners (ex. spawning chinook salmon, bulltrout). Education of public: become informed and educate landowners and stakeholders on issues and solutions. Research: coordinate a water-monitoring program to establish a water Quality history or baseline for the watershed. Participate in research projects.

Friends Of Bridge Lake

Established in January 2008 and incorporated as a society on April 5, 2008 in response to the proposed development of an island at the west end of the lake, Friends of Bridge Lake is made up of residents, property owners, and visitors to the Bridge Lake area of British Columbia who share a common interest in preserving the unique environment, culture and character of the area.

Our purpose:

  • To support activities that contribute to the preservation of the natural environment, traditional character and culture of the Bridge Lake area of British Columbia
  • To work with governments, organizations and individuals to develop and implement sustainable land and water use practices particularly in the Bridge Lake area of British Columbia
  • To provide a forum for Bridge Lake area property owners to share information, concerns and ideas related to the use of local area lands and waters

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Ruth Lake Property Owners Association

Our goal is to preserve the environment of both the lake itself and the surrounding area. Ruth Lake has a very slow turnover of water and is, as a result, very vulnerable to environmental problems. So far we have been fortunate and there has been no noticeable deterioration of water quality.