Okanagan Lake Stewardship Groups

Okanagan Region Director – Darryl Arsenault

Academy of Inquiry and Adventure

Chain Lake Property Owners Association

Gardom Lake Stewardship Society

Mandate: The Friends of Gardom Lake is an informal group of people who are property owners, residents, or frequent visitors to the Gardom Lake area. We believe that the lake and its surrounding foreshore form a unique environment for the lives and interactions of plants, trees, fish, wildlife and people. We pursue ways cherishing and preserving the natural, historical and economic values of this environment for the benefit of both the ecosystem within it and the people who are connected to it.


Jewel Lake Environmental Protection Society

Lake Country Sail & Paddle Club

Lower Nipit Improvement District

The LNID was incorporated in 1965 & we are located approx. 20km west of Penticton on the highway to Vancouver. Twin Lake is not a large lake, located just a few minutes from the Twin Lake Golf Course. Our main objective, of course, is to keep our lake clean. By posting signs around the lake we have managed to keep gas-powered motors (snowmobiles etc.) off the ice this winter. One of our ongoing missions is checking sewer systems around the lake, and so far everything has been clean. Since we have had to pump the lake in the past, we keep a very close eye on the water level.
Twin Lake is in a beautiful area & open to swimming, fishing & canoeing in the summer & skating & snow shoeing in the winter.



Osoyoos Lake Water Quality Society

Mandate: To re-establish and maintain the water quality throughout the Okanagan Valley Lake System and especially in the Osoyoos Lake and environments, so that it is suitable for indigenous plant and animal life and for human use and consumption.

Projects: Work with the Groundwater Section of WLAP doing domestic well tests each year, usually in September and working with them on stats from the Piezometers in Town. Educate the Public. Publish monthly newsletter in Osoyoos Times. Currently passing out a 3-sided card on water conservation to restaurants in Town. We also monitor spawning grounds and riparian areas around the Lake and report infractions.


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