Okanagan Lake Stewardship Groups

Okanagan Region Director – Darryl Arsenault

Chain Lake Conservation Society

Christina Lake Stewardship Society

The Community Stewardship Resource Centre is envisioned as a “people center” serving an important role in networking individuals, volunteers, organizations, and government in dealing with sustainability not only within the community of Christina Lake but the entire Kettle River watershed system (Arrow Boundary Forest Region).


  • Educational programs, workshops, and training pertaining to stewardship.
    Environmental data for the Kettle River watershed system (Boundary Forest Region) on various topics.
  • Coordinating and implementing habitat restoration, enhancement, and protection projects.
    Monitoring of environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Promoting community participation and partnerships.
  • Liaison with landowners, volunteers, organizations, businesses and government agencies.
  • Provide information on stewardship, conservation, sustainability, government mandates/initiatives pertaining to stewardship, restoration and conservation.
  • Stewardship of water/water quality, biodiversity, ecosystems and natural resources.

Projects: Kokanee counts on Sander, Sutherland and McRae Creeks & Christina Lake Management Plan


Jewel Lake Environmental Protection Society

Mandate: To preserve and protect the visual beauty and ecological balance of Jewel Lake.

Projects: Some past projects: working with the Regional District to form Land Use Bylaws, Ministry of Forests to construct cattle fencing and guard to keep cattle from the lake, logging companies to establish boundaries and guidelines for logging activity and the establishment of a heron reserve and bulletin boards for public education. Currently, we continue to strive to establish a regular lake monitoring program, educate lake property owners regarding shoreline habitat and monitoring logging activity in the area. Some concerns: shoreline erosion and silting from access/boat launch roads.

Lower Nipit Improvement District

The LNID was incorporated in 1965 & we are located approx. 20km west of Penticton on the highway to Vancouver. Twin Lake is not a large lake, located just a few minutes from the Twin Lake Golf Course. Our main objective, of course, is to keep our lake clean. By posting signs around the lake we have managed to keep gas-powered motors (snowmobiles etc.) off the ice this winter. One of our ongoing missions is checking sewer systems around the lake, and so far everything has been clean. Since we have had to pump the lake in the past, we keep a very close eye on the water level.
Twin Lake is in a beautiful area & open to swimming, fishing & canoeing in the summer & skating & snow shoeing in the winter.



Lower Shuswap Stewardship Society

The Lower Shuswap Stewardship Society (LSSS) is a registered non- profit society located in Enderby, British Columbia. We are concerned with the Shuswap River from Mabel Lake to Mara Lake.

Our Mission:

To encourage community-based stewardship and advocate for change that promotes the protection and preservation of the Lower Shuswap River and Mabel Lake.

Our Vision:

An ecologically healthy river system for future generations to treasure.

Our Objectives:

  • To ensure the protection, preservation and water quality of the Lower Shuswap River Watershed
    Promote the sustainability of the watershed including the aquatic ecosystem
  • Support science-based studies
  • Identify issues
  • Monitor environmentally sensitive areas
  • Gather information and develop and implement action
  • Increase awareness among all stakeholders as to the importance of maintaining a healthy watershed and aquatic ecosystems
  • Develop stewardship partnerships: encourage shared responsibility and active participation through the cooperation of citizens, communities, industries, businesses and government for the management of the Lower Shuswap River Watershed
  • Support the development of a Lower Shuswap River and Mabel Lake Watershed Protection Plan through on-the-ground and regionally-based solutions


Osoyoos Lake Water Quality Society

Mandate: To re-establish and maintain the water quality throughout the Okanagan Valley Lake System and especially in the Osoyoos Lake and environments, so that it is suitable for indigenous plant and animal life and for human use and consumption.

Projects: Work with the Groundwater Section of WLAP doing domestic well tests each year, usually in September and working with them on stats from the Piezometers in Town. Educate the Public. Publish monthly newsletter in Osoyoos Times. Currently passing out a 3-sided card on water conservation to restaurants in Town. We also monitor spawning grounds and riparian areas around the Lake and report infractions.


Society For The Protection Of Kalamalka Lake / Société Pour La Protection Du Lac Kalamalka

Purpose of the Society: To preserve and protect the quality and health of the Kalamalka Lake watershed, for all future generations, so that the lake may be enjoyed by all user groups in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Our group formed in response to a common desire to protect Kalamalka Lake, particularly in the light that it is our fresh drinking water reservoir. Historically many residents of Coldstream have expressed a similar desire; there was a Save Our Lake group and there is a Friends of Kal Park group. Our group is inspired by the lessons learned by our founding member Christine Cookson with her experiences growing up in Switzerland and seeing first hand the results of environmental abuse on some Swiss Lakes. We want to use a fact-based approach for decision making with regard to Kalamalka Lake and its watershed. We would like to gather water quality data, monitor, and identify problem areas. Then we hope to educate and communicate with the public, and research community in order to fulfill our above stated purpose.