Thompson-Nicola Lake Stewardship Groups

Thompson Nicola Region Directors – Marge Sidney

Caverhill Lodge Inc.

East Barriere Lake Deeded Owners Association

Friends Of Lac Des Roches Watershed Society

Mandate: “The purpose of this association is to form an organized opposition to the proposed development on Birch Lake and Lac des Roches and to work for the future well-being of these lakes.”

Green Lake Area Ratepayers Association


Mandate: To represent the general concerns of Green and Watch Lake Area property owners, leaseholders and tenants regarding:

  • Quality of living conditions including water quality, air and noise pollution, roads, utilities, emergency services, open range controls, garbage disposal…
  • Quality of recreation including public access and use of crown lands, greenbelt Crown land reserve, logging, fish restocking, wildlife habitat…
  • Cost of living as affected by taxes, fees, permits and regulations.

Gun Lake Ratepayers Association

Mandate: To preserve, maintain and improve the ecological condition of the watershed; promote the orderly development of a natural residential recreational area; prevent damage to or interference with the purity of the waters of the watershed as the source of domestic drinking water for members of the society.

Projects: Water quality testing; applying for Community Watershed Status; initiatives for forest fire reduction in the watershed.

Gun Lake Ratepayers

Heffley Lake Community Association

The Heffley Lake Community Association was formed in Dec. 2004 and currently has 65 members (or about two thirds of the lake property owners)

The Heffley Lake Community Association aims to provide representation for its community members on matters relating to the protection, preservation, and utilization of natural and social resources within the Heffley Lake area. In doing so, we hope to enhance the lives of our members by doing our part as stewards of the environment, so that we can all enjoy the natural beauty this area has to offer for many years to come.

Highland Valley Outdoor Association (HVOA)

The Highland Valley Outdoor Association has been in existence since 1976. They groom and maintain 36 km 0f Cross-Country Ski Trails and have a lake committee that monitors fish stock & pH levels (working with the provincial ministry) and also maintains/runs the spawning channel. The first Sunday of every April, the group hikes down the hills to Savona to count sheep and other wildlife.

Other activities: annual BBQ and lake clean up held each June; general meetings every 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Seniors Centre at 7:30 pm; annual banquet held each March/April at the Black Bull Pub.

Marshall Valley Community Association

Pavilion Lake Residents & Property Owners Association

The Pavilion Lake Residents & Property Owners Association was incorporated in 1977. The objectives of the society are:

  • To promote all matters for the welfare and comfort of the residents and property owners of Pavilion Lake.
  • To enable all residents and property owners to benefit from municipal services, protection of the environment, fire protection and television.
  • To advise the Provincial Government through the Regional District of the needs of the residents and property owners and also of the assistance available to the government from the residents and property owners.
  • To do everything incidental and necessary to promote and attain the foregoing objects through the area of Pavilion Lake.

White Lake Residents Association

The White Lake Residents Association is a registered non-profit society that was incorporated in 2008 to help serve the needs of the community and help protect its values and the health of White Lake and surrounding environment.