Omineca-Peace Lake Stewardship Groups

Omineca – Peace Region Director – Currently no director

Bednesti-Berman Community Association

Charlie Lake Conservation Society

Mandate: To promote conservation efforts for Charlie Lake and its watershed by providing a forum for gathering, sharing, and coordinating information for the purpose of developing a comprehensive management plan that will protect, preserve, enhance and support conservation efforts for Charlie Lake its watershed to the benefit of all.

Projects: Environmental Strategic Plan for the Charlie Lake Watershed; Annual Spring Clean Up.

Moberly Lake Community Association

The Moberly Lake Community Association (MLCA) is a registered society made up of Moberly Lake residents and stakeholders and is guided by its:

Vision: a healthy lake watershed and a healthy community

Mission: to be a voice for Moberly Lake watershed and the surrounding community

Society Goals:
Goal #1 – Maintain a healthy society
Goal #2 – Be a conduit for communications
Goal #3 – Promote a sense of community
Goal #4 – Advocate for lake watershed health

Nadsilnich Lake Community Association

Nadsilnich Lake (locally known as West Lake) is located about 15 km southwest of Prince George. It is a popular recreation lake for the greater Prince George area.

The pine beetle infestation has hit our area very hard and we have a lot of dead pine in the lake watershed. The Fraser Fort George Regional District is embarking on a ‘fire proofing’ endeavour where they plan to harvest dead pine wherever possible within their jurisdiction. Our community association property is one that will see some dead pine harvesting.

Along the west side of the lake there is a subdivision created in the 1960’s that consists of 23 small lots. Since 2001 we have been working toward getting a community sewage system to serve these lots. As it is predominately clay soils in our area, the traditional drain field septic systems do not work all that well and some have failed, putting the lake water quality at risk. As these small lots will not accommodate a lagoon, our only choice is to put in a community sewage system. Construction of this system started in 2007 and will be in operation in 2008.

Our Community Association has participated in water quality monitoring through the Ministry of Environment in past years and we have provided Secchi disk readings for several years. We have also provided ice on/off data for the past 18 years. As well, local volunteers clean up the shoreline of any human created debris.

Nukko Environmental Lake Weed Society

Mandate: To protect Nukko Lake water quality for the present and future generations. To manage the aquatic plants in Nukko Lake for the protection of human health and the environment.

Projects: Nukko Lake has had a significant increase in Elodea Canadensis in the past few years. Fundraising for the purchase of a used harvester took just over three years. This summer was the first year that NELWS took their first load of Elodea off the lake. 2004 also marks the second year of lake monitoring for NELWS.

Nulki-Tachick Lakes Stewardship Society

Summit Lake Stewardship Committee