Smithers / North Coast

Smithers / North Coast Lake Stewardship Groups

Smithers / North Coast Region Director – Currently no director


Glenannan Community Association

Mandate: To assist in the development and promotion of: social development, provision of services, and protection of the environment.

Projects: Rehabilitation of the Nithi River spawning grounds. Working with government Carrier Sekani Tribal Council on the weir to improve the flow of the river. Participated in the creation of the Francois Lake Management Plan. Participated in the Vanderhoof LRMP, in order to preserve lakeshore. We try to emphasize lake stewardship amongst lakeshore residents. Work with Endako Mine to monitor mine effluent.

Lake Kathlyn Protection Society

Lakelse Watershed Stewards Society

Mandate: To preserve and protect the quality and health of the Lakelse watershed.


  1. Monitoring the invasive weed Elodea in Lakelse Lake.
  2. Support DFO projects including sockeye counting. 
  3. Investigate changes in sedimentation type and rate.
  4. Assist Min WLAP with water quality sampling.
  5. Record lake clarity (Secchi disc) and lake levels.
  6. Improve general public awareness on lake issues.
  7. Participate in Regional & Provincial planning.
  8. Examine shoreline erosion and potential remedies.

Seymour Lake Conservation Society

Tchesinkut Watershed Protection Society

Tyhee Lake Protection Society