Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island Lake Stewardship Groups

Vancouver Island Region Directors

  • Eric Bonham
  • Deb Epps
  • Rick Nordin


Beaver Elk Environmental Stewards

The Beaver Elk Environmental Stewards (BEES) are a dedicated group of families, neighbours of the lakes, anglers, rowers, boaters and paddlers, equestrians, nature enthusiasts, runners, swimmers, walkers, dog owners and visitors. We are united with the intent to see the lakes and their environment restored to health. The BEES want Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park to be a special destination for all visitors to Vancouver Island, and a place for safe and sustainable enjoyment for those of us who call Saanich and Greater Victoria home.

We seek to join with and build on the work of the established stewards of the these waters and lands in the traditional territory of the WSÁNEĆ (Saanich) and the Lək̓ʷəŋən (Songhees and Esquimalt) Nations.

Cowichan Lake & River Stewardship Society

Our purpose is to act to ensure the health and protection of the Cowichan watershed; to inform and educate landowners, other citizens and governments about the environmentally sustainable use of the upper Cowichan watershed and its riparian zone; and to work with schools, citizens and other like-minded groups for this purpose.


Cumberland Lake Park Society

Lake Park Society (previously Cumberland Lake Wilderness Society) is a not-for-profit society that has been contracted by the Village of Cumberland for the overall management and operation of Cumberland Lake Park and Campground since 2015. The Society serves the community by providing physical spaces and outdoor experiences that celebrate nature, build community, support low-impact recreation and inspire learning.

Mission: To create wonder and connection through outdoor experiences.

Vision: An inclusive community hub for outdoor education and adventure.

Drillwell Enterprises Ltd.

Fork Lake Stewardship

Friends of Enos Lake

Enos Lake is a one-kilometre long, 18-hectare lake in the middle of the Nanoose peninsula. It sits in a 235 ha watershed owned by Seacliff Properties Ltd., marketed as Fairwinds, a resort and development complex. The watershed is largely undeveloped; however, the company has approval for a Lakes District Neighbourhood Plan to develop the area under a phased development agreement with the Regional District of Nanaimo.

Enos Lake is home to a wide range of aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna, including a unique and endangered stickleback pair species. Scientific studies of Enos Lake stickleback go back as far as the 1960s when Dr D. McPhail from the University of British Columbia carried out many field trips. More recently, numerous investigators included geneticists and Washington State cancer researchers. Of the number of non-native and invasive species, the most pernicious are the Signal Crayfish.  During 2006 and 2007, the Friends of Enos Lake teamed up with Vancouver Island University to study stickleback and crayfish and interactions between the two species. The Friends of Enos Lake studies estimated more than 100,000 crayfish reside in the lake. Observations indicate they were introduced in the mid-1990s, and appear to have altered the ecology of the lake to the extent that the stickleback pairs have hybridized into a single species, thus losing their uniqueness. 

In recent years, the Friends of Enos Lake work in partnership with Fairwinds and the BC Conservation Foundation to monitor water quality of the lake. The sampling and scheduling are a requirement of the phased development agreement and an extension of an Integrated Stormwater Management Plan.

More information about Enos Lake can be found at:

Friends of Tod Creek Watershed

Mission: To protect and enhance the integrity and biodiversity of the Tod Creek Watershed.


Prospect Lake Community Association

The Prospect Lake Community Association was formed in 1956, and is dedicated to building and conserving the community. We have a hall with an attached meeting room which is often used for meetings involving environmental issues in the community.

Our web site is

Past projects: In the winters of 1999 to 2001, the association, with help from the Provincial Ministry of the Environment and the Municipality of Saanich, carried out an extensive water sampling program on the nutrient loading of Prospect Lake. This resulted in the extensive Hans Boerger Report which concluded that the three main contributors to the nutrient loading were septic tanks 40%, inflowing streams 30%, and lake sediments 20%.

Future Projects:

  • To reduce the nutrient loading entering the lake, thereby slowing down the deterioration of the quality of the water.
  • To work with the Friends of Tod Creek in setting up a Watershed Management Plan for the Tod Creek Watershed, which includes Prospect Lake.
  • To encourage lake stewardship programs.

Quennell Lake Watershed Stewardship society

Shawnigan Basin Society

The Shawnigan Basin Society, a non-profit organization, was incorporated in October 2012. We work to promote a holistic approach toward environmental solutions, community engagement, and local stewardship.

Working to protect and secure the long-term heal and safety of the Shawnigan Lake Community Watershed and the drinking water it provides.

Sproat Lake Community Association

The Sproat Lake Community Association maintains the Sproat Lake area and its pristine drinking water. 


Victoria Golden Rods And Reels Society


  • To encourage all retired people to enjoy outdoor recreation.
  • To make all residents aware of the value of all fish, wildlife, and outdoor recreational resources of the province.
  • To arouse in the public conscience a recognition of, and respect for, the place of fish, wildlife and recreation in the wise and integrated use of natural resources of the province
  • To promote true appreciation of sportsmanship and sports safety in the light of fish and wildlife regulations and all the fair and accepted rules of fishing and to encourage goodwill between sportsmen, outdoor recreationalists and landowners.