Are Noisy Motorboats A Problem On Your Lake?

Are Noisy Motorboats A Problem On Your Lake?

The increase in the number of high performance boats with illegal or non-existent muffler systems is spoiling the enjoyment of our on-the-water and beach activities, and is diminishing the outdoors/cottage experience.  The current legislation (federal) governing pleasure craft motor noise is unenforceable.

Decibel Coalition, formed in late 2019 by Safe Quiet Lakes, is a national organization whose objective is to strengthen federal  legislation to include decibel limits on boat motor noise that are easily enforced.  Such legislation has proven highly successful in 27 American states and the EU.

The voices of lake organizations – property owners, stratas, residents, community associations, recreation and environmental groups – that are fed up with excessively noisy motor boats are needed to demonstrate to Transport Canada it is time to implement the decibel limit-based legislation we are promoting.

There is no cost to join or be a member of Decibel Coalition. More information can be found at or by getting in touch with our local representative, Alan Drinkwater, at

Article by Alan Drinkwater.

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