Funding Announcement

Funding Announcement

The BC Lake Stewardship Society (BCLSS) has recently been awarded funding from both the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (ENV) and the BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MAH). These funds will go towards programs designed to monitor lakes, help educate the public on lake protection, and provide communities with information on their local lakes. Program activities include water sampling, training, education, and technical support.

Through regular water sampling, local communities can better understand a lake’s current water quality, identify impacts of human activities, and monitor water quality changes. Lake monitoring programs can also assist with early detection of invasive species, such as quagga and zebra mussels that threaten B.C.’s aquatic ecosystems.

The BCLSS has provided leadership on volunteer lake monitoring since 2003, has trained over 100 volunteer groups in proper lake monitoring techniques, and has completed 86 lake assessment reports. Through the training opportunities and information resources that the BCLSS provides, a strong volunteer-based water stewardship program has developed in B.C.

In its role as a province-wide resource for stewardship groups, the BCLSS helps British Columbians understand the effect of their actions on the environment and connect with their lake ecosystems. The BCLSS also provides information-sharing and networking opportunities at conferences and workshops, reader-friendly lake reports, informative newsletters, and a newly improved website.

The BCLSS gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. We look forward to improving and expanding our services to lake stewards throughout the province.

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