July is Lakes Appreciation Month!

July is Lakes Appreciation Month!

You work and play on them. You drink from them. But do you really appreciate them? Growing population, development, and invasive species stress your local lakes, ponds, and reservoirs. All life needs water, let’s not take it for granted!

The North American Lake Management Society (NALMS) started Lakes Appreciation Month to focus attention on the value of lakes and reservoirs to society and the threats they face. Lakes and reservoirs are used for a variety of purposes: water supply, recreation, flood control, and aesthetic enjoyment. However, they are often considered “free” resources by users and this can result in abuse and neglect.

July is a great time to set aside some time to celebrate and help your favourite lake. It is a time when many folks are vacationing and enjoying lakes. Just think, what would your life be like without lakes?

The BCLSS is excited to announce that the Province of British Columbia has officially proclaimed July as Lakes Appreciation Month.


Picture: Alain Audet from Pixabay

Source: NALMS Flyer

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