Three Successful LakeKeepers Workshops Held in 2022!

Three Successful LakeKeepers Workshops Held in 2022!

This past year, BCLSS updated the LakeKeepers Manual and the LakeKeepers Workshop presentation materials. Three 1.5 day LakeKeepers Workshops were held: in the East Kootenay, Sea to Sky, and Cariboo regions. Our first workshop of 2022 was held in partnership with Living Lakes Canada and we had participants from Wildsight Youth Climate Corps, Wildsight, Lake Windermere Ambassadors, Columbia Lake Stewardship Society. The next course took place in Whistler BC with the Whistler Lakes Conservation Association. The final course of the year was held in the Cariboo region with the Southern Dakelh Nation Alliance.

East Kootenay LakeKeepers workshop participant using a Van Dorn water sampler at Premier Lake.

The 1.5 day course provides participants with a greater understanding of lake ecology and health. With one day in the classroom and a half day in the field, participants gain hands on experience using water monitoring equipment, and skills that increase their ability to monitor and steward lakes. Our regionally based LakeKeepers courses also create peer-to-peer learning opportunities through networking and can address issues and concerns specific to the location.

Our qualified instructors, Rick Nordin & Norm Zirnhelt, have years of experience studying lakes and watershed management issues to help guide participants to increase their understanding of lakes and the pressures our lakes are facing.

Here is what this year’s participants had to say about the course:

“After participating in the LakeKeepers workshop I now am eagerly looking forward to having the opportunity to make use of the valuable knowledge and skills I’ve taken from the experience. Knowing more about freshwater health and ecology has empowered me to continue to build my understanding in these areas and contribute to freshwater stewardship efforts. Thank you BC Lake Stewardship Society for hosting such an excellent and detailed workshop!” – Tracey Mitchell (Living Lakes Canada).

“BCLSS and the LakeKeepers Workshop is a high quality, educational experience guided by leading experts in water monitoring and lake stewardship. I would recommend the LakeKeepers course to anyone looking to improve their knowledge around both topics, and then some.” – Georgia Peck (Living Lakes Canada).

Instructor, Rick Nordin, demonstrating plankton tows at the Whistler LakeKeepers workshop.

“I loved this workshop. The instructor was clearly an expert and passionate about the field. The information was presented at a good pace and by the end we had learned so much. I particularly appreciated how much local knowledge the instructor had about the lakes in our area and his B.C. examples to illustrate other lake topics.” – Jane (Whistler LakeKeepers participant).

If you are interested in learning more about our LakeKeepers Workshops, visit our website. We are scheduling more workshops for 2023. If you are interested in a workshop being held in your area, please contact BCLSS at

Our recently published LakeKeepers Manual is a great resource for those wanting to learn more about lakes and to get a sneak peak of what is covered in the course. The manual offers a comprehensive guide to lake stewardship in British Columbia. Download the LakeKeepers Manual for free now!

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