Water Levels in Charlie Lake from 1988 to 2022

Water Levels in Charlie Lake from 1988 to 2022


By D.Baccante, Charlie Lake Conservation Society


This compilation of Charlie Lake water levels was created from raw data in spreadsheets. The spreadsheets were kindly shared with the CLCS by Jeremy Garner, with the City of Fort St. John.

The water levels are recorded in geodesic meters at the weir located at the outlet of Charlie Lake at the south end where Stoddard Creek (aka Fish Creek) drains out of the lake. The geodesic elevation of the weir is 692.1 meters. Therefore, if the recorded water level is higher that the weir elevation, then the excess water flows out of Charlie Lake, if the recorded water level is less than the weir elevation, then there is very little outflow and if the lake is not recharged by inflow from precipitation, the level will slowly drop over time.


Data Highlights


-Over a period of 35 years, mean monthly levels ranged from 691.345 to 693.216 and averaged 692.019 meters.

-In years with normal levels of precipitation, water levels are above the weir during April, May and June.

-There were 6 years when the average lake level never came up above the weir level, in 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 2000.

-April, May and June are the only months where the average lake level was higher than the weir level almost every year.

-Annual precipitation is very important to recharge lake water levels and prevent stagnation due to low flows.


Read the full report here – Water Levels in Charlie Lake from 1988 to 2022, By D.Baccante

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