2021 Secchi Dip-In Results

2021 Secchi Dip-In Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2021 Secchi Dip-In!

This year, we received dip-in data from 37 lakes around the province. To see which lakes are on the map for 2021, click here.

The Secchi Dip-In is an annual event that takes place during Lakes Appreciation Month. It is an international event where volunteer monitors across North America collect a “snapshot” of the water quality in their local lakes.

The data collected are used to assess trends in transparency of waterbodies in North America. Since 1994, more than 10,000 volunteers have generated 42,000 transparency records, giving a glimpse of lake water transparency at sites across North America and the world. Transparency (clarity) is a good indicator of the impacts from human activity on the land surrounding a water body.  If transparency is measured through the season and from year to year, trends in transparency can be observed.  It can serve as an early warning that activities on the land are affecting water quality.

A goal of the Dip-In is to increase the number and interest of volunteers in environmental monitoring. Participation in BC’s Dip-In has been steadily declining but the data is more important now than ever! Please pass this information along to anyone that may be interested. Volunteer efforts are much appreciated!

The 2021 Secchi Dip-In Resort can be found here.

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