Gift of a Membership

Gift of a Membership

Looking for a last minute gift this holiday season? Know someone who is passionate about protecting the environment and wants to learn more about lakes and stewardship? You can gift them a BCLSS membership!

Benefits of BCLSS membership?

  • Help keep BC’s lakes natural and beautiful
  • Contribute to/fund lake stewardship programs and initiatives
  • Connection with a network of other lake stewards
  • Become a lake steward and provide vital information about the health of lakes in BC

What is included in a BCLSS membership?

  • Option to monitor a nearby lake
  • Access to training and support by BCLSS staff
  • Subscription to our members-only quarterly newsletter

To learn more about the different types of membership and to access the sign-up form, click here. If you would prefer to make a donation, you can visit this link.

With your membership/donation, we can work towards the vision of clean, healthy lakes, for wildlife and people.

Our member group and generous donors make it possible for us to further develop our network of stewards and continue to develop programs to support healthy lakes for generations to come. We sincerely appreciate your support!

The BCLSS Team

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