LakeKeepers Manual

Green Lake photo credit Marie McCallum

LakeKeepers Manual

The 2022 version of the BCLSS LakeKeepers Manual is now available to download!

The LakeKeepers manual is a comprehensive guide to lake stewardship and ecology in British Columbia. Anyone concerned or even curious about our provincial lakes will find this manual useful and informative. It is an educational resource, lake monitoring training guide, and toolkit for developing successful community stewardship initiatives.

Some of the topics covered in the manual include forming a stewardship group, the physical characteristics of lakes, human impacts on watersheds, developing a lake sampling program, a closer look at water quality parameters and why they should be measured, and much more!


The BCLSS invites anyone with an interest in lake conservation to become a member of the society, so that we can work together to strengthen the stewardship sector and keep lakes clean and healthy, for generations to come. The LakeKeepers Manual is one of our many efforts to protect lakes in British Columbia.

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